Aggressively Defending You Against Drug Sales Charges in Southern California

If you are accused of possessing a substantial amount of drugs, you could be facing drug sales or drug trafficking charges, whether you intended to sell drugs or not.

The potential consequences of a drug sales conviction are much harsher than those for drug possession. If you have been arrested, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney.

With more than two decades of legal experience, including taking drug sales cases to trial, you can trust me, attorney Marc A. Legget, to fight for your rights. I work diligently to get positive results in misdemeanor and felony drug cases involving drug possession, drug sales, drug distribution and drug trafficking

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The Police Are Not On Your Side

The police may tell you that they will go easier on you if you tell them where the drugs came from, agree to perform a “controlled buy” for them, or agree to act as an informant. Don’t believe them. They are under no obligation to follow through with their offers and you will be left to pay the price if they have a change of heart.

Was it a Drug Sale or Was It Possession?

The difference in penalties between a criminal charge of drug sales and one of drug possession is tremendous. If you are charged with possession, you may qualify for drug rehabilitation under California Prop 36. On a charge of drug sales, drug transportation, or drug trafficking, you have no such option.

Medical Marijuana

A recent change in California law will soon affect medical marijuana dispensaries, previously considered legal sellers of medically necessary marijuana in various forms. Sellers of medical marijuana may find themselves out of business and possibly facing criminal charges for illegal drug sales. Learn more about how the law may affect you if you sell medical marijuana.

Conviction Equals Jail Time

A criminal conviction for drug sales will often result in jail time. Depending upon any past drug convictions, and whether this crime is being charged as a felony, you could face prison time under California’s 3 Strikes law. If you have any past felonies on your record, call immediately. You need an experienced defense lawyer.

I work diligently to investigate the circumstances of your arrest to determine if the police overstepped their bounds while conducting their investigation, search or arrest. I work tenaciously to place you in the best possible position for dismissal or a plea bargain.

Free Initial Consultation

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