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California DUI Lawyer

The penalties for a felony DUI conviction in California are severe, including heavy fines and potentially spending time in state prison. This is in addition to other consequences which could include the loss of your job and increased insurance premiums. A charge as serious as felony DUI requires the help of an attorney dedicated to protecting your interests.

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Are You Facing Felony Charges for DUI?

For DUI causing injury or death, drivers are likely to be charged with felony DUI. This includes any pedestrians or other drivers who were injured as well as your own passengers. The penalties for felony DUI are significantly harsher than those for misdemeanor DUI and can include a driver’s license suspension, prison time and heavy fines.

If convicted, you will be required to go through six months of alcohol treatment, possibly attend Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and attend a tour of local hospitals and morgues to view the results of drunk driving first hand. Any subsequent DUI in the next 10 years could result in a longer state prison sentence as well as more serious felony charges if a death is involved.

Help for Your Bad Situation

If you are facing felony DUI charges, you are in desperate need of an experienced criminal defense attorney. I know what it takes to achieve a good result in these cases and can help you make your bad situation better.

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