Identity Theft

Identity theft is a form of fraud. A number of different activities are included under identity theft, such as:

  • Using someone else’s credit card to purchase goods
  • Cashing a check under someone else’s name
  • Using someone else’s check
  • Using someone else’s personal information to obtain a driver’s license, credit card or to apply for a loan
  • Stealing someone’s computer and using the personal information on it for personal gain

There are both federal and California laws with severe penalties upon conviction. Federal laws include an aggravated identity theft statute, with severe penalties including a mandatory sentence even for first-time offenders.

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A Strong Defense Against Identity Theft Charges

With more than two decades of criminal defense experience, you can trust me to fight for your rights. The standard of proof in a criminal case is high. The jury must find you guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Furthermore, you have constitutional protections that give you the right to be free of unreasonable searches and seizures by law enforcement. Evidence taken from you in violation of your rights can be excluded at trial.

Overcharging and Excessive Sentencing

Depending on the specifics of your case, you could face two or more separate criminal charges for the same incident. You could be charged with multiple counts of the same crime for each item of personal information obtained or used. As your attorney, I may be able to get some charges dropped, to negotiate some charges down, and to get evidence suppressed in order to minimize the charges you face.

Once in the courtroom, if a jury finds you guilty you could also face the problem of excessive sentencing. A judge could give you consecutive sentences rather than concurrent, resulting in much more time served. This is another area where an experienced attorney can make a difference.

In every part of your case, from the investigation to the trial to the sentencing, I work to clear your name or to minimize the consequences of a criminal charge. I work diligently to ensure your rights are protected in white collar crime cases involving fraud and identity theft.

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