LA Attorney Helping Clients Get Prop 36 Treatment After Drug Offenses

The “war on drugs” has put tens of thousands of people in California jails, costing California taxpayers billions of dollars, doing untold damage to communities, and ruining people’s lives.

In 2000, California voters passed the Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act, commonly known as Proposition 36. Prop 36 is a sensible alternative to costly incarceration for people convicted of drug possession charges. Proposition 36 allows for certain drug offenders to be sentenced to residential drug treatment programs rather than sent to jail.

If you have been arrested for drug possession of any kind — marijuana, methamphetamine, ecstasy, cocaine, heroin — and there are no extenuating circumstances, you may be eligible for treatment under California Prop 36. Contact me, drug crimes defense lawyer Marc A. Legget to see if you qualify.

Proposition 36 Mandates Drug Treatment Rather Than Jail

Whenever possible, I try to get my clients into drug courts where rehabilitation, deferred entry of judgment, or diversion is an option. In any simple possession case, no matter what the drug, you are likely to be eligible for residential treatment. Prop 36 programs usually last six months and involves assessment referrals, random drug testing, and attending group sessions.

Were you previously in a drug treatment program but did not complete the program and now find yourself facing another charge for drug possession? Treatment may still be an option. Even if you’ve failed multiple times I may still be able to get the drug court judge to give you another chance.

At the end of your treatment, if you have an otherwise clean record except for the misdemeanor drug possession charge, I may be able to have your arrest expunged from the record. This can be incredibly important as many employers are afraid of hiring people with drug crimes on their record.

Do You Qualify Under Proposition 36?

Not every defendant is eligible for drug rehabilitation treatment under Proposition 36. If you were committing another crime when drugs were found in your possession, you will not qualify. If you are charged with a crime for which you are not eligible for probation, you do not qualify under Prop 36.

Free Initial Consultation

Regardless of your circumstances, I will fight to get you the best option possible, whether that is a plea deal, a trial to seek a not guilty plea, or a Prop 36 program.

I have more than two decades of experience helping people charged with drug possession. Call 310-553-2900 or toll free 866-274-0755 or contact my Los Angeles law office online to learn more about Proposition 36 and how I can defend you against drug possession charges.