Repeat Drug Offenses

While the passage of proposition 36 set California on the path of seeking rehabilitation rather than jail time for many drug offenders, its benefits do not always extend to repeat offenders. If you have used your chances for rehabilitation and are no longer eligible, you are looking at serious prison time and need the help of an experienced attorney.

At The Law Office of Marc A. Legget, I have been defending clients for more than two decades and with a wealth of trial experience under my belt, I am not afraid of taking your case to trial if that is what is in your best interest. I handle my client’s cases personally and will treat your important issues as if they were my own.

Let me help you back against serious drug charges. Contact me today to discuss your repeat drug charge in a free initial consultation.

What Can I Do For You?

When you come to me after being charged with a repeat drug offense, the first thing I will check into is whether you are still eligible for treatment. Whenever possible, I will try to get you into a drug program that is suitable for you. I will represent you before the drug court and push to achieve a favorable outcome that allows you to stay out of prison.

In many cases, there is evidence that can be suppressed by investigating the circumstances in which it was obtained. The more stones that are turned over, the more likely it is that we can discover information that can benefit your case. If you fail to have a lawyer probing these issues for you, you will be the one left to suffer.

Are You on Probation or in a Diversion Program?

If you are on probation or going through a diversion program, you may go to prison if convicted of a repeat drug charge. But you shouldn’t go down without a fight. I will fight aggressively to get you into a treatment program and seek to keep you out of state prison.

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